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one-on-one mentoring: the style of mentoring where the mentor is assigned to a
                                  single youth for mentoring.
Our mentors will teach our youth that
there are other decisions to make in
life other than death and prison.
We will empower our youth with the
knowledge and fundamentals to
succeed in today’s society.
Our program will aspire our youth to
dream and believe again.  
Motivating our youth with the right
motivational tools to build moral and
self confidence.
It’s not God’s will that any should
perish. We will focus on the salvation
of our youth.
*Teen Pregnancy
*Drug Abuse Counseling
*Alcohol Abuse Counseling
*Educational Assistance
*Financial Tutoring
Our program is designed to
offer a variety of different
services to assist our youth
on their journey of total
recovery. We have partnered
up with other community
organizations to assist us in
offering every available type
of resource needed in order
for this program to be a
complete success.
*Sports Program
*Liturgical Dance Program
*Arts & Craft Program
*Drama & Video Program
*Martial Arts Program
*Music Program
The best way to motivate and
encourage our youth is to
offer them something clean
and positive to look forward
to. When one provides a
balance in the life of a child,
that balance allows the child
to know both the things that
are needed in life and those
life luxuries that they can look
forward to.