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Project T.E.A.M.S. International is a
Christian based youth mentoring
program that is geared towards the
assistance of troubled and at risk
youth. We are a group of Christian
soldiers with a heart after the true
success of the youth in our city.
Having partnered up with other local
community organizations, our program
is designed to provide alternative
solutions to the hard core problems
that continue to plague our youth.
This program is unique because it
is designed with the one-on-one
mentoring element.
Youth violence is violence between adolescents or teens. This
type of violence includes fighting, threatening, and bullying.
Teen violence is becoming a more serious problem, involving
more troubled teens, and leading to more teen deaths. Victims
and perpetrators are more often male than female, but all teens
can be at risk. Teen violence ending in homicide is the second
leading cause of teen deaths among adolescents.
One on one mentoring is the most effective form of mentoring
ever established. This element of mentoring has proven to be
the most effective because it allows for a more personal hands
on relationship with the mentee. It gives the mentor the ability
and the opportunity to create avenues of assistance that are
specifically tailored for that specific mentee. The one on one
mentoring element creates a stronger foundation of trust and