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Project T.E.A.M.S. International
is a Christian based program that
is geared towards the assistance
of troubled and at-risk youth. We
are a group of Christians that are
motivated by the gospel of Jesus
Christ. Having partnered up with
other local organizations, this
program is designed to provide
alternative solutions to the hard
core problems that continue to
plague our youth generation. This
program is unique because our
program is designed with the
one-on-one mentoring element.  
Youth violence is violence between adolescents or teens,
including fighting, threatening, and bullying. Teen violence
is becoming a more serious problem, involving more
troubled teens, and leading to more teen deaths. Victims
and perpetrators of teen violence are more often male than
female, but all teenagers can be at risk. Teen violence
ending in homicide is the second leading cause of deaths
among adolescents and teenagers.
Factors That Increase The Chances That Troubled
Teens Will Be Involved In Teen Violence
-Involvement in gangs or fighting.
-Low parental involvement.
-Discipline that is inconsistent, lax, or too harsh.
-Use of drugs or alcohol by teens or parents.
-A history of violence in the home.
-Emotional problems/lack of self control.
-Injuring animals or people
-Lack of involvement in positive extracurricular
-Exposure to media violence.
-Low income/lack of economic opportunities.
-Poor performance in school.